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Association purpose

« 24 Mirages Seconde » is an association under French law, proposing an assistance for the development of a scenario and to specific needs for the realization of a movie project.
It does not own any copyrights, which are to be managed by a production, which « 24 Mirages Seconde » will sign an agreement with, in order to settle the range of action of the association, as well as the reimbursement of any advanced funding when the shooting will start.
Its interventions encompass an aid to the scenarist and the director. It can include documentation research, script doctor consulting, location scouting, technician and actor appointing…
The association members are all potential parties to positions in the film and their role in the project is therefore broad and various.

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Current Members

Marc Barbault

Marc Barbault

After being Claude Chabrol's assistant, as well as Pierre Schoendoerffer's and Rachid Bouchareb's — among others — Marc founds the production company "Debsie Films" which will produce a dozen of short films, documentaries, television films and will also be line producer. He will then become Unit Production Manager for notably the « Collections Maupassant » for France 2, produced by Gérard Jourd'hui then for the soap opera « Plus Belle La Vie ».

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Jehan Pagès

Jehan has worked in movie dubbing, lending one's voice to many characters; he also played on TV and cinema, notably in "Poussières de Vie" by Rachid Bouchareb, for which he received an award un 1995 ("Outstanding Youth Actor in a Foreign Film" of the Young Artist Awards). He later branched towards science studies and worked for a few years as computer engineer and developper.

Armel Duval

Armel Duval

Armel graduated from a cinema bachelor degree and a filming degree at INA. After a few years working on feature films (movies by Claude Chabrol, Éric Lartigau, Christian Vincent, Philippe Le Guay, and others), he becomes audiovisual production manager at the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud (cultural hotspot in the Loire region, France). There, he also works for NEF Animation (corporate platform on animation film script writing). He is currently working at RVZ, in the "camera" department and works on a short and on his first feature-length film.

Thomas Barbault-Mayen

Thomas Barbault-Mayen

Thomas is a young assistant director. He worked on several episodes of « Plus Belle La Vie » for TELFRANCE SÉRIES. He also worked on the feature fulm « Noir comme neige » directed by Éric Valette for LIZLAND FILMS.

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