From my balcony…

A short feature by Marc Barbault

Supported by 24 Mirages Seconde and Crescendo Media Films

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Victor, main character


« Victor is retired. He is bored. So he is a meany with the whole world. Everybody pays for his boredom. Even when discovering rap music, which he soon masters, he is considered too mean. Or maybe is he just fed up with his own goal-less life? »

Intention note

Someday a mail reaches the editorial staff of HARA-KIRI, satirical newsparer: « You are stupid. Not only are you stupid, you are also mean. ». This will become the magazine subtitle: « HARA-KIRI, stupid and mean news »

Victor, our hero, doesn't mince words. He is mean, stupid and direct. This man never found his place, is bored and did nothing from his life. He could as well have been created by REISER, known for his strip with strong humor. An ordinary man otherwise, his ugliness is mostly the echo of a life which didn't find meaning.

The situation feels like comedy. We always laugh at others' unhappiness, even though we very well know how ugly this is. The unexpected behavior of Victor, no-filter and raw, nearly schizophrenic, leaves stunned victims. We could even envy this. Victor will discover rap battles and will try to escape his boredom with it. There are similarities with his life: improvisation, revolt, radicality and the ability to get all out towards an opponent. He will quickly find his flow, enough to be good. Brilliant rapper, yet still not accepted, once again too mean, too literal. Back to square one, boredom and uninteresting life.

Music will have capital importance and will be written for this movie: rap "egotrip" (one's personal skills are highlighted to be the best, always in competition) as well as instrumental Hip Hop music; Beats rap by beatmakers (sound-makers in the Hip Hop and Rap scene) which will be used during battles. This work will be undertaken by musicians from the Hip Hop and Rap scene. The will also participate to the writing of battles' texts.

Armel Duval

Presentation of Victor (video in French)